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Amiro.CMS Newsletters

05/20/11 Amiro.CMS 5.12: a new level of convenience, spam protection and authorization through social networks and an API for integration

A fundamentally new way to access content and insert images with a newly revamped dialog interface.  We have also added a Universal API authentication and finished modules for "FaceBook" and "Twitter". The next stage of development of the API and a new captcha code system, which increases the level of protection against spam. And other improvements.

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08/15/07 Virtual System Modules Automatic Setup

In an effort to make our system even more user-friendly, AMIRO.CMS now introduces virtual technology modules. This technology allows all modules to be set up using only default main setting. It is no longer necessary to manually activate all modules. Just activate the virtual technology module option and see all of the modules connected at once!

This technology greatly simplifies system setup. Simply add a page in Site Manager and see various modules like product catalog, user profiles, order history, etc. automatically connected, and working with predefined virtual navigation.

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08/02/07 Version 4.2: integrating more efficiently, optimization, new opportunities

Update, Version 4.2!

on August 3, 2007, from 6:00 to 9:00 GMT all websites located in the Amiro datacenter will be updated to version During this time, access to the administration panel sites will not be available. Public sites will continue to work without interruption of service.


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06/20/07 New Flash Movie Demos!

We have released a series of visual video spots to work with the system.

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02/15/07 Amiro.CMS 4.0-triumph opportunities in conjunction with the traditional convenience of control!

Unique optimization for potential sites for search engines, the new modules, enhanced functionality catalog products, increased flexibility Site Manager, and more.

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