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Amiro.CMS Updates

We use this area to announce the latest information and news about the work that we are doing on the system.  This is only a small part of the ongoing work we are doing on the system. You can see our progress and read about the latest enhancements that we are doing.

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05/20/11 Amiro.CMS 5.12: a new level of convenience, spam protection and authorization through social networks and an API for integration

A fundamentally new way to access content and insert images with a newly revamped dialog interface.  We have also added a Universal API authentication and finished modules for "FaceBook" and "Twitter". The next stage of development of the API and a new captcha code system, which increases the level of protection against spam. And other improvements.

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08/18/10 Amiro 5.8.4 - Less SPAM!

Amiro.CMS version 5.8.4 is focused on SPAM reduction and code cleaning!

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05/06/10 AmiroCMS 5.8 Fresh, Easy, Intuitive

Amiro.CMS with version 5.8 focuses on the further development of intuitive, deepening the amenities of daily use interface administrative panel of CMS. The code name for the platform of the new interface - Vanilla.

 Vanilla - Vanilla, spice, plant family orchids, 
fragrant pods that go into pastries, liqueurs and chocolate, 
which gives them their characteristic aroma.


Substantially redesigned control panel interface, updated fonts, and redraw the controls, used more bright and contrasting colors, and much more. However, we tried to keep familiar to most site owners and administrators to resources management style. In general, the interface Amiro.CMS bought more fresh, raduyuschee eye "sound".


Dropping support for older versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 6, inclusive.


In terms of technology, interface layout is shown in full conformity with the standard html strict, that is almost unique to RuCMS. As a result, the site administrator Amiro CMS were promptly removed from the risk of inappropriate user systems.


Amiro.CMS Clients can be assured that the interface is subject to the most modern technological requirements, the same looks and works in all modern browsers (and not limited to the support of two of the most common), consumes less resources the customer's PC, faster and more stable. Supports the latest standards allows the system to be prepared including the appearance of new browsers, Web technologies.


In addition, the core of the administrative part of Amiro.CMS added a number of significant technological innovations in order to further the development of a rich interface part of the "engine".




For the convenience of the site and its services significantly expanded flexible setting of adaptive interface administrative panel under the current task.


In the top panel administrator Amiro.CMS made relevant management tools: panel selected, access to the settings of the current module, the templates and localization of the current module, as well as access to a centralized repository of media files on your site. Quick access to these options through a pop-up window will certainly appreciate the developers and integrators sites.


Implement innovative means to consolidate workspace: in any tab of the edit form of static or dynamic content with an opportunity to consolidate the current tab. "The button fastening allows quick access to the browser window all the required fields edit: announcements and additional fields of goods, links and meta-field pages, indexed management and navigation. Location bookmarks stored individually for each user, that brings the system to the possibilities of customizable desktop user desktop applications.



Note that the images, elements in the list, place images, and plug-custom fields on the form of editing, as before, you can specify in the settings of the basic modules Amiro.CMS.


Implemented a new mechanism for handling pop-up windows with visual effects and animation: indicates the source of surfacing windows, auto, scrolling pop-up window and move it into the browser window, etc.


Novice users will appreciate the contextual clues Virtual Assistants work in a particular module Amiro.CMS. Later Assistant learns to give more in-depth tips and advanced users, as well as learn a series of context-sensitive advice and guidance "Did you know that ...", which will further learn the system and explore its hidden potential.



Also, more convenient and informative "unfolding" hints modules are equipped with icons on the main page of admin panel.




Reworked engine visual editor Amiro.CMS.


Added a new unit to insert Gadgets in the list which included the first tools: a convenient means to insert a page of a site popular video repositories RuTube and YouTube . In the setting of these gadgets implemented the ability to customize your player to fit their needs by setting the parameters of their video instead of the preset.


In the menu editor window appears insert special characters of text from selected collection of quotes to the pair of invisible characters such as "blow e tion.


Special attention is given a new development - the editor embedded (inline), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The uniqueness of the editor is that even a novice user can now quickly - in real time - and visually clear to alter the style of the selected object (not only using digital unit keyboard, and mouse wheel to step changes in the numerical values!), while controlling the map as a code style format CSS, and the result of changes in style in the window visual editor. Supported by a reverse algorithm: correcting CSS-code immediately displayed as a visual code editor, and visually content page. Using the new editor would not only abandon the old ways of processing pages (font, bold, size, etc.), but also to create better code styles for the pages of sites, transferring the task of customization, design pages on a more intuitive level.



Company "Amir" is confident that the updated interface is an administrative part of Amiro.CMS help more effectively and conveniently organize the process of creating and maintaining the site, and incorporated in the version 5.8 technological capabilities will serve as a basis for further development of intuitive controls.

05/06/10 Version 5.8


  • # 4097: Completely redesigned interface admin panel, which includes: a new skin Vanilla, strict-layout, dockable tab editor, visual effects and animation for pop-up windows, etc.;
  • # 4170: In the visual editor added a block insert special text characters;
  • In the visual editor, visual editor, added inline styles (CSS);
  • # 4177: In the visual editor added a block insertion gadgets (RuTube, YouTube);
  • # 3761: Implemented the selection buttons alignment, if it is present for an element in the visual editor;
  • # 4154: Added ability to specify the name of order in the linguistic variable;
  • # 4203: In the feedback module by default added field "Date of birth.


  • # 3793: Testing the conflict elements of multi-link modules is simplified to the verification of one-ins.


  • # 4217: Fixed the lack of transmission of the current layout by clicking on links on the page comparison of the goods;
  • # 4186 # c8: Fixed wrong call EventApplyVars ($ frn, "body_order_list", $ orderItem); when issuing a list of customer orders at the front of the site;
  • # 4186 # c7: Fixed inability to send data using POST module is positioned on the main page;
  • # 4186 # c6: Fixed the lack of issuance of 404 second title when referring to non-existent on the forum;
  • # 4193: In the admin interface module catalog:: Data exchange "resolved accessibility tab Settings Wizard" in the selection of imported data, or customer orders;
  • # 4186 # c4: Fixed incorrect counting of votes in several polls for the authorized version of the answer "Other";
  • # 4186 # c3: Fixed inability to change the category when editing an item when the expansion of additional fields;
  • # 4084: Fix incorrect channel selected in the filter directory flags in the transition to the subsequent search results pages;
  • # 4186 # c1: rule "subitems_cols" ("Number of columns for a list of subordinate elements") categorical modules added restriction on the minimum value (1);
  • # 4186: Opening of the site configuration manager module which has no settings, fixed a fatal error;
  • # 4162: Fix driver WebMoney to work with UTF-8;
  • # 4016: Fixed language in the letter of confirmation of payment;
  • # 4186 # c5: Fixed bug in calculation of tax in certain situations;
  • # 4155: Fixed some bugs in the English localization;
  • # 4190: Added an option to max_upload_size eshop for digital products;
  • # 4198: Lots of small fixes in the admin templates;
  • # 4097.5: Fixed div, which covers the work area at the time of uploading content - automatically close pop-up windows and the reaction to resize;
  • # 4097.9: Fixed bug in the popup editing color;
  • # 3942: Changing the logic of the visual editor in terms of exhibiting attributes: alignment is now defined styles;
  • # 4030: Fixed display of flags pop-up file creation for digital goods;
  • # 3766: Fixed problem in IE when adding article - created with empty trailers.

03/05/10 Version 5.6

Version 5.6 is devoted to auditing and Development SEO-capacity sites running Amiro.CMS.


When you upgrade to version 5.6 sites, new system settings will be most consistent with the current configuration of updating the site. To take advantage of new SEO-capacity system for website owners on the updated engine should be independently set default settings for desired manner, according to the recommendations published in the Guide to SEO management tools in Amiro.CMS »


  • # 4069. Added an extensive range of options to control the indexing of the site and remove duplicated and minor information.
Note that these settings are inherited by all the main modules of the system and can be managed as a single location admin.paneli, and be set individually for each module. For some modules (eg, catalog) number of different settings from the base and setting up these modules is carried out separately.

In the supply is disabled by default for indexing the following types of content:

Window settings for content modules (news, articles, blogs, forums, question-answer, etc.)

The window settings for the modules directory (electronic catalog, the knowledge base, portfolio)

  • # 4071. Using the tag header (H1 - H3) in the default templates are aligned with the existing requirements of search engine optimization.
  • # 4066. Completely changed the mechanism of treatment options: clean insignificant parameters from the request, minimizing the length of the reference, the parameters are arranged in alphabetical order and avoids duplication. All pages with parameters in the links, the unknowns are marked forbidden to indexing . , for example: www.site.com / News ? source = banner1
  • # 4062. In the "Site Manager" added the possibility to set the title of illustrations along with alt.
  • # 4065. When you create the attributes of goods in the catalog an opportunity to allow search engine robots to index page of results filtering, if the only field filled in the filter.
  • # 4064 # 1,2. Added ability to disable indexing of the details of any particular item (news, products, articles, etc.).
  • # 4064 # 4. In granting Sitemap XML is implemented into account the parameters of the closing pages and elements from the search engines.
  • # 4070. forbidden to indexing duplicate pages of lists with the wrong option set shift (offset).
  • # 4050 # c35. If the link contains invalid GET-parameters id, catid, offset, catoffset etc, then this page is locked from indexing.
  • # 4072. extended set of attributes of images.
  • # 4132. Added a non-indexible page details this forum, with the main forum topics optimized for indexing.
  • # 4108. Added a configuration management trailing slash in your links. Default - 301 redirect to a page with a link without a slash to avoid duplicates. It is also possible returns 404 pages.
  • # 4020. "In the Site Manager" added page type "redirect" with adjustable code status. This type is designed to build a comfortable and nedubliruemoy site map.
  • # 4147 # c1. While viewing images link supplemented with information about the name of the following illustration.
  • # 4120. Added ability to automatically add a prefix to the date of the links in the generation of options, such as news/2010-02-10/news1.html.
  • # 4120. Added group operations in the modules for mass ban / permit indexing by search engine spiders page details.

  • # 4120. In the group operations "Site Manager" added options "Prevent indexing of pages by search engine spiders" and "Disable search engine robots to pass this link in the menu."
  • Modified shipped "default" file robots.txt:

User-agent: * 
Disallow: /? 
Disallow: / admin 
Disallow: / _admin / 
Disallow: / Members 
Disallow: / search 
Disallow: / Subscribe 
Disallow: / users 
Disallow: / * offset = 0 
Disallow: / * forum_ext = 
Disallow: / * _print_version = 
Disallow: / * Action = export_rss 
Disallow: / * Action = search 
Disallow: / * Action = view_posts 
Disallow: / * display_form = 

User-agent: Yandex 
Disallow: /? 
Disallow: / admin 
Disallow: / _admin / 
Disallow: / Members 
Disallow: / search 
Disallow: / Subscribe 
Disallow: / users 
Disallow: / * forum_ext = 
Disallow: / * offset = 0 
Disallow: / * _print_version = 
Disallow: / * Action = export_rss 
Disallow: / * Action = search 
Disallow: / * Action = view_posts 
Disallow: / * display_form = 
Crawl-delay: 5


  • # 4063 # 2. When you try to download the missing file in the module "Downloads" fixes HTTP-header in the 404-th.
  • # 4063 # 1. When appending postfix type "/ some_text" to the correct link in the modules (not static) Fixed HTTP-header in the 404-th.
  • # 4068. Replaced by redirecting some of the headlines with the 302 th to 301 th.
  • # 4115. Fixed a bug in constructing Sitemap XML, links to the message (with #) are now combined into one link.
  • # 4125. Fixed-line indexing: now indexing pages, categories, categories of publicity is carried out correctly.
  • # 3738 # 4. Fixed indexing: some extra pages no longer fall into an xml sitemap.
  • # 4172. Fixed a 301 redirect to index.php.
  • # 3408 # c4. When you open a page of type "Print" instead of redirecting to the home page now gives 404.

Traditionally paid attention to improving the stability of the system, adds new features, fixes errors identified, etc.


  • # 4152. RSS: the text of the description of the item added link to details of the item.
  • # 3328. Removed the ability to add page shopping comparison site maps and the menu (to avoid false cache of CMS).
  • # 4051.1. B editing window on the site (comments, feedback, etc.) introduced avtoperenos words on the next line, if the content does not include the width of the edit window.


  • # 4136. spetsblokov ease working in nekeshiruemom mode.
  • # 4138. Optimized the operation of publication / removal of the flag of publication forum topics.
  • # 3987. Spetsbloki "basket of goods" and "Community" for the old sites, with the default patterns, translated into a static mode.
  • # 4050 # 25. In addition, optimized to work with automatically generated imaging modules.


  • # 4112: # 4050 # c23. Fixed incorrect layout of the pages created sites.
  • # 4050 # c16. When you add / remove localization update changed files localization superstructures.
  • # 4050 # c18. Added correct implementation of the JSON-PHP coding in the absence of PCRE-function json_encode ().
  • # 4112. Fixed incorrect www-strict redirect for aliases sites.
  • # 4110. Fixed propadenie opportunities for rating and rating value and import product catalog by non-accelerated drivers.
  • # 4090, # 4082, # 3300 # c2. Fixed a vulnerability.
  • # 4050 # c14. If the status message consists only of JavaScript, now for his extradition is not used set template "templates / messages.tpl" and before the message is not put a separator.
  • # 4050 # c12. Fixed the inability to export RSS in the parameter "Show messages for", given in weeks for MySQL versions below 5.
  • # 4083. Fixed the lack of withdrawal of the amount of delivery if you pay with internal user account.
  • # 4050 # c40. When you export RSS fixed logic determining whether a full description of the item.
  • # 4050 # c10. Export Yandex.Market-XML: Fixed encoding for the accelerated export.
  • # 4050 # c9. When you try to download the missing file in the context of the module "Downloads" corrected encoding in the message "File not found".
  • # 4050 # c8. On the comparison chart to the error that occurs in some cases when adding a product to cart.
  • # 4050 # c13. Fix bug and added the inscription issue "List of goods compared to empty in case the goods are added in comparison, were removed or not published.
  • # 4085. Fixed some issues with adding items to your cart when using the module "Catalogue" in conjunction with spetsblokom special items.
  • # 4050 # c39. In the filter module "Orders" added the missing status, the list of statuses in sync with the order form.
  • # 4050 # 38. Fixed inaccessibility of the variable # # cat_path_reverse_no_root # # if Off "items in the categories.
  • # 4050 # c5. Fixed a broken anti-spam protection in the module "Feedback".
  • # 4050 # c3. Fixed a bug when saving a page or layout of the field "Code for HEAD", containing some of the characters.
  • # 4050 # c2. On view details display name added display: "templates / view.tpl", set main_body, variable # # view_name # #.
  • # 4050 # c1. Fixed bug in calculating the tax on shipping.
  • # 4050 # c15. Now, setting "Enable automatic transition to the previous page after sending the forms" ("Service: Community"), you can save a blank.
  • # 4050 # c27. In "site manager" the error can not disable some settings in group operations.
  • # 4050 # c30. Fixed incorrect cleaning search history.
  • # 4107. In the absence of a template field values such as illustration, it is filled with an illustration of the goods.
  • # 4050 # c29. Fixed incorrect in some cases the installation page in the forum topic by clicking on links from the forum notification (action = locate).
  • # 4112, # 4050 # c28. Removed the link "Edit" in the closed forum threads.
  • # 4159. Troubleshoot in some cases an incorrect conclusion so recent posts on the main page of the forum.
  • # 4050 # c37. Module "Forum": a notification that a new forum topics corrected arises in some cases "broken" link on the topic.
  • # 4050 # c36. In the interface board administrator corrected violation sorting at the transition to other pages of the list.

12/07/09 Version 5.4.4

CAUTION Since version 5.4.4 data Amiro.CMS stored in UTF-8

When you upgrade to version 5.4.4 platform independent system converts all the data, templates and scripts:

  1. System templates and language files on your hard drive (converted at the time of first use the templates from the disk, so it is recommended before upgrading to flood all working patterns in the database);
  2. Templates and language files in the folder _local / plugins_distr;
  3. In the folder _js /, as well as in each js file is replaced by the function escape encodeURIComponent, unescape on decodeURIComponent;
  4. All unencrypted php files in a folder _local /, including plug-ins.

Update does not affect the php files in the root or any other folder created by the user.

Recommendations for further work with the system:

  1. In the JavaScript code should be avoided functions escape and unescape, instead use encodeURIComponent and decodeURIComponent;
  2. When you install any third-party counters, informers, widgets, etc. Returns the encoding of the text must be UTF-8;
  3. Each php file, which is run separately from the platform should begin with mb_internal_encoding ('UTF-8') and should not contain text in the encoding other than UTF-8;
  4. When accessing the database Amiro.CMS out of the platform set UTF-8: "set names utf8".

How do I put PHP files from the root or any arbitrary folder on the UTF:

  1. Open in Notepad file php, click Save As ", choose UTF-8, remove the check mark from the mark" BOM ", save the file;
  2. Add to the beginning of PHP file after the opening tag of PHP: "mb_internal_encoding ('UTF-8');".
Learn more about the advantages of UTF-8.

Please note that updates users Amiro.CMS first receive previous minor update 5.4.3, a release that was announced separately. After that, we must once again upgrade to version 5.4.4.


  • # 2214. code, templates and database Amiro.CMS translated to UTF-8.
  • # 4022 # c13. In warning of license expiration date added tooltips and links to sites (amiro.ru, amirocms.com);
  • # 4022 # C6. SEO. If the site is multilingual and the kernel parameter "Automatic language identification browser client is disabled, then when accessing the root of the site (without postfix localization) to go to a page with postfix localization now, instead of" 200 OK "returns" 301 Moved Permanently ".
  • # 3901 # c3. admin interface. In the feedback module added to the group operation delete.
  • # 3969 # c8. admin interface. If you create a catalog of goods or properties of an extra field plug-in filter is selected a set of properties / fields, then you are creating properties / fields set from the filter automatically marked selected.
  • # 3969 # c7. admin interface. Added search by product code (sku) and the identifier for data in the catalog of products.
  • # 3984. in sets spetsblokov announced products catalog, knowledge base elements and projects added to the portfolio feature of the attachment element.
  • # 3961. "Yandex import now imports the external images.
  • # 3984. spetsblokov directory in order to set small_special_row variable added feature urgent.


  • # 3972. Optimized runtime code has not been cached page (reduced time ~ 5%).
  • # 3969 # c3. From the data delete obsolete backups option modules.


  • # 4022 # c15. Fixed Downtime design template of the form # # setglobalvar @ var = (var1 !="")? var1: var2 # # (a problem because of the character ":"), broken in 5.4.2 version.
  • # 4022 # c12. Fixed a fatal error when trying to create a discount from the module catalog categories of goods.
  • # 4022 # c9. Fixed inability to view user profiles with enhanced "Additional fields".
  • # 4022 # c8. Fixed inability to completely disable the expansion module (due to # 3960, see below).
  • # 4022 # C7. SEO. HTTP-zakolovok "302 Found" changed to "301 Moved permanently" when attempting without authorization to perform an action that requires user authentication.
  • # 4022 # c3. Fixed incorrect behavior of the counters in the categories of goods after accelerated import in the "Do not change the metadata in updating products and categories.
  • # 4022 # c2. Cpetsbloki directories: fixed output on multilingual sites.
  • # 4022.Fixed incorrect sorting by position in existing products after accelerated imports.
  • # 4022 # c1. For spetsblokov announced portfolio and projects can not reset the cache when changing specials. signs.
  • # 4022 # c10. In some cases, did not work spetsblok vacancies and summaries (due to an error in the SQL query).
  • # 3969 # c9. Added quotes to the value in the template custom_shipping_metro_stations_moscow.tpl
  • # 3960. If you change the list of extensions in the parameters of modules with incomplete administrator rights does not turn off the expansion, which the administrator have no rights.
  • # 3969 # c4. Front-office site. Fixed a rare inability to play back the session, authorized visitors.
  • # 3969 # c1. Administrator interface. "Catalog:: Community" - fixed no date of registration of the user.
  • # 3969. Downtime Fixed "OK" button in the admin interface module "Service:: Community".
  • # 3969 # c5. Depressed output errors when reading broken file IMG_DrvMagickWand.php.
  • # 3969 # c6. Added display options embedded elements for modules "Knowledge Base:: Announcement of elements", "Portfolio:: Announcement of projects.
  • # 3618 # c5. Now in the field images when exporting goods to CSV is only transmitted image file name.
  • # 3969 # c10. Fixed JavaScript error in pop-up window, group operations, which leads to inability to submit the form, if there is only one group operation.
  • # 4015 # c1. Fixed security.

10/06/09 Version 5.4.2

# 2296. Added a new extension "Additional fields" module "News", "Diary", "Articles", "Articles: Categories", "Downloads", "Downloads:" Categories "," Careers "," Careers: Departments "," Q & A "," FAQ: Themes "," Photo "," Photo Albums: Albums, "" board "," Bulletin board: Categories "and" Service: Community ". General scheme of the expansion is identical to the work of the expansion modules directory.


3728 # # c20. Added ability to control the composition of arbitrary content modules at the tapes. The "Show items that belong to selected pages, available in the module settings in the" Site Manager ". Currently, the test operation of possibilities realized for the module "Diary";

# 3765. Implemented adding items to your cart without reloading the page (for AJAX-technology). The feature is available to supply a default, but to include the possibility of existing sites should request to tech support;
# 3618. Added driver for directory export to CSV format;
# 3899. Configuration directory - "Portfolio", "Knowledge Base" - added spetsblok "Announcement";
# 3257 # c11. Updated list of metro stations of Moscow, which are available when ordering;
# 3510. The module "Shopping Cart", "Orders" catalog of products added to the "default currency";
# 3750 # c6. In the office user in tracking mode for tracking forum topics presented in the form of links;
# 3896 Ability to add themes / messages in the forum unpublished (for pre-moderation);
# 3728 # c10. Notice board administrator for new messages complemented by topic title;
# 3939.1. Template parser: authorized the use of nested include construction of templates;
# 3939.2. Template parser: Now you can use the parameter sets (# # set name = "item_row (id = 1925, priority = 1)" value ="..."##);
# T1264420. If the mailbox is installed small disk quota, it is highlighted in the list;
# 3864. In spetsblok "Sticker" is added sorting by title;
# 3909. Expansion of "Images" added to the categories "file archive";
# 3900. The module "Jobs" added the use of a variable salary in spetsbloke, and in the list;
# 3931. In _mod_files / _css / common.css added new styles for photo albums.
Kernel tuning
# 3827. Essentially optimized images for large volumes of data;
# 3835 # c2. Reduced memory consumption in the catalog of goods when loading information about custom fields in the admin interface of orders;
# 3884. The optimization of some indices in the catalog of goods;
# 3751 # c2. Optimized connection code in a module comparison goods;
3940 #. Fixed optimization for cache tables (it could significantly slow down the work site at night);
# 3728. Sets from a template "templates / _eshop_item_details.tpl" moved into templates "templates / _eshop_item_list.tpl" and "templates / eshop_catalog.tpl";
# 3680 # c2. Implemented clearing the cache tables in front of "mending";
# 3925 conducted other work on optimization.
# 3728 # c23. Restored the generation of Google Sitemaps for test and demonstration sites;
# 3760. Fixed reset user information after you enter an incorrect password for a short session;
# 3808. Fixed a bug with the disappearance of the links on the basket out of the user menu on the signup page;
# 2815. Fixes for the blocking of imports;
# 3728 # c. Fixed wrong value option "lifetime data in the cache" in the module products;
# 3869. Fixed auto-update feature of exchange;
# 3790. Resizing pictures in PNG format now becomes transparent background using PHPGD;
# 3846. A bug that caused some warnings in func_img.php;
# 3903. A bug that caused some warnings in IMG_Proc.php;
# 3903. Fixed the logic of image processing with non-matching type and extensions using PHPGD;
# 3912. Smaller images correctly avtogeneriruyutsya for manual filling of the admin panel;
# 3293 When you change the image watermark in the options module "Photo Album" - has created an image peregeneriruyutsya;
# 3929. Avtogenerirovannye image re-generated if perezalitoe in admin panel the image has the same name as the previous one;
# 3935. Fixed the generation of icons in the case of X <nX&&Y> nY;
# 3823. In "_local \ _admin \ templates \ letters \ faq_mail.tpl" added instructions on connecting language file;
# 3728 # c25. Fixed conversion position in the list with a large number of identical values in the column list, which started sorting;
# 3728 # c24. In the admin interface in the module "Polls" when viewing the poll results are corrected broken links to images of answers;
# 3728 # c22. The module discounts fixed drop-down list of categories when editing an existing discounts;
# 3728 # c21. Fixed the lack of notification in the group of modules "Audit" when making changes to the users of their elements;
# 3728 # c19. Fixed incorrect in some cases, substituting the word "Today" / "Yesterday" in the date;
# 3728 # c16. The module "Polls" restored the possibility of appointing replies images;
# 3728 # c15. In the admin interface module "Specials" JavaScript-resolved issues with coupons in the browser Firefox;
# 3728 # c14. In the admin interface module catalog: Sets properties, while maintaining a set of properties common header fields are now updated for all sets of properties;
# 3728 # c18. Fixed incorrect work of the setup wizard imports in the second step: the rules are missing from the CSV-file, not delete;

# 3829. Fixed process CSV-import categories / products main categories;
# 3865. Fixed incorrect reading of metadata CSV-file for some fields when you import a catalog;
# 3917. Fixed output of additional price-related products: withdrawal of all given prices, and not just the base;
# 3767. In spetsbloke user in a static mode fixed displaying symbols "+" instead of spaces;
# 3855. Fixed effect on field size (size) in the catalog of goods;
# 3799. Fixed generation of links to some of this forum;
# 3728 # c13. Changed content-type;
# 3891. The module "Downloads" fix upload for locations other than the Russian / English;
# 3885. Fixed domain for cookies on sites that have boosted the prefix "www" in URL;
# 3871. The module "Jobs" Remove Link "send a resume when you are viewing closed jobs;
# 3728 # c8. Fixed saving of the field "Date Format" in the localization module;
# 3832. FIX XSS;
# 3728 # c7. Fixed erroneous display of the rating the photo album for viewing photos, if it has not yet voted to display the rating specified number of times;
# 3750.2. Fixed display of an opportunity to correct the false message in the comments, guest book and forum;
# 3770. Fixed problem visually, leading to the appearance options tmpHtmlEditorLink;
# 3771. Fixed pasting some links in the BB editor and forum discussions;
# 3772. When you delete a directory when a field, use this guide, was selected type of storage "by value" and the output field in the filter, the error when opening the catalog;
# 3914. Adjustments were made in search of goods (the problem with the search for goods, which coincided with the first word of the title, description or announcement);
# 3914 # c1. Fix indexes of the search for the goods: if the words were separated by only tag (<br>), then the index they stick together;
# 3918. Fixed incorrect search for the existence of at spetsbloka filter the catalog and the absence of the catalog;
# 3919. Patch download editor picture FLASH-movies created for versions higher than ninth;
# 3916. In the "visual editor" corrected adding FLASH-roller with the value of Play = 0;
# 3920. Fixed output filtered data directory;
# 3921. Correction forms for details, see "Payments";
# 3795. Fixed an unstable extension of offline cookie (user_session);
# 3867. Fixed disappearing in some cases, the contents of a special block "Quick vote."

09/06/09 Version 5.4


Since version 5.4 Amiro.CMS no longer supports PHP4. In order to be able to use Amiro.CMS latest version, you must first update to PHP 5.2 and higher.



  • Optimizing and Refactoring platform due to a total abandonment of support for PHP4 and MySQL4.0;
  • Optimizing the settings platforms, saving memory web server;
  • Optimizing JavaScript functionality. Faster loading interface CMS;
  • Further expansion of the functional cache CMS. The average likelihood of a quick hit in the cache system increased from 65-80% to 90-95% depending on the particular site. The marked acceleration in the loaded web sites with frequently used spetsblokami "User Menu" and "Trash" * . Facilitated the regime of accumulation of data cache, a full reset the cache does not lead to a sustained fall proizvoditelnosti.Uvelichena performance site and the average consumption of the memory of the web server.


  • The new module "Localizations" for configuration management multilingual sites;

  • # 3689 introduced a new popup window asking for action (expanded confirm), which is used in the beginning of the process of updating CMS;
  • NOTE: Driver pay RuPAY removed in connection with the termination of support from the manufacturer and replacement algorithms. Despite the persistence of accounts RBK Money, these payment systems differ. For the work should go into account settings at RBC Money and install all the required data. As an option "Notification of payment" should indicate the address "http://adres_sayta/eshop_final.php. It is also necessary to enable and configure the new driver RBK Money in Amiro.CMS;
  • # 3557 Ability to store the prices of goods in different currencies;
  • # 3514 Added support for personal discounts for buyers of e-shop;
  • # 3684 # c13 in displaying product catalog variables appended to the announcement and description display (view_announce, view_description);
  • # 3612 Added display information about the weight and size cart and online store for a form of order confirmation, in the printed version of the order, the module order history, on the editing form of order in the control panel site, as well as printed versions of the order;
  • In the Editor pane content modules added to the mechanism prompts when adding tags;

  • # 2092 Better protection from SPAM;
  • # 3653 Added ability to disable the snap session to the ip-address;
  • Added settings to control the duration of sessions;
  • # 3602 implemented a two-level user authorization. To a set list of actions on the site appeared to require re-authorization. Action List is selected in the setting "Require a brief session for" module "System:: Session". The list of available Action: 'View order history "," Checkout "," Edit Personal Information "," Tracking the forum "," Adding Product users ";
  • # 3703 Added automatic authorization after entering the confirmation code user registration;
  • # 3596 In the superstructure "SAPE" parameter "ID participant in the program SAPE" moved from the configuration file to configure spetsbloka superstructure;
  • # 3683 New option sort items on the results page query "Tags"by date of modification of the element;
  • # 2824 greatly accelerated search module Design:: Sites.



  • # 3611 Fixed Filter "Just published" in the administration panel for the module "Stickers";
  • # 3610 Fixed the reset of the filter in the admin panel for the element selectbox;
  • # 3691 Fixed the substitution URL in the editor module "Subscriptions ";
  • # 3692 Fixed nekkorektnoe attach pictures when sending mailings;
  • # 3658 Fixed variables in the template notice of registration;
  • # 3676 Fixed the ability to choose the date in the system administrator for more. fields of type "date";
  • # 3684 # c4 add commented out non-existent status messages in the module "Job:: Resume" when sending notifications;
  • # 3697 Fixed duplicate showing interest in the progress window restore from backup, tags, Sitemap;
  • # 3696 Put the minimum and maximum size for the popup html-windows;
  • # 3724 Fixed removal of the layout, if the list of models open in pop-up window in the "site manager";
  • # 3534 Not raspublikovanie home page in group operations in the "site manager";
  • # 3575 The bug, which has been established in the field by changing extra. field of any type to type "set of flags;


  • # 3577 Fixed error when generating some images for the directory;
  • # 3615 Fixed incorrect notification in the basket on the absence of some images of goods (eshop, cart, images, notifications);
  • # 3592 Fixed a bug in the filter display folder "Only with photos;
  • # 3643 Fixed Ignore checkbox "Publish" when you create categories in the catalog;
  • # 3727 Fixed bug in module "Directories" knowledge base and portfolio. In some cases, impossible to create a page in the site manager with a given type, and add data to the directory itself;
  • # 3684 # c6 Fixed: If the module directories switch to catalog the field (search directory) that is common, the search is always going to the main categories, rather than what is specified in the configuration "Product Category";
  • # 3642 Fixed: when you copy items, unset (null) prices of goods in the goods-copies are zero;
  • # 3698 Fixed adding subspecies in browsers other than IE. The problem manifested itself only with text fields - not the directory;
  • Corrections in the module "Currencies" :value exchange rate stored in the database without rounding, resulting in errors in the calculation of prices;
  • # 3499 When editing a category of fixed JavaScript, which cheat additional costs on the basis of previously imposed;
  • # 3584 Fixed fatal error in the appointment of a price formula category;
  • # # C9 3684 Fixed the lack of properties of the product in the list of goods attached;
  • # 3720 Fixed incorrect work spetsbloka ties in the mode of categories;
  • # 3636 Fixed the group operation for removal / installation of a special product in popup-window "more" if the special features more than one;
  • # 3613 Fixed empty lists in the module categories of coupons discounts
  • # 3548 Fixed cut client JavaScript from descriptions of goods for export to Yandex.Market;
  • # 3595 Fixed bug in generation id_external for export;
  • # 1150656 Fixed bug with zeroed prices at import unloading changes from 1C;
  • # 3669 Fixed incorrect generation of metadata for new products at an accelerated imports. Optimized generation of metadata and search hashes when importing in the "Delete all not modified products;
  • # 3701 Fixed wrong CVS-import two additional. fields, linking to the directory;
  • # # C15 3684 Fixed fatal error when exporting data catalog and off expanding images;
  • # 3702 Fixed the destruction of the category links with accelerated CVS-import from a file does not contain information on the category name;
  • # 3568 Fixed neobrabotka parameter "fill in the blank description announcement for categorical modules and catalog categories of goods in some cases;

Content and service modules

  • # 3662 Fixed an erroneous reference spetsbloka photo album with multiple-display mode (always referred to the first page of type "Photo Album");
  • # 3717 in the message editor and forum fix a mechanism for replacement tags. Inside the CODE tag replacement is not made;
  • # 3652 When you edit your post off checking on the frequency of sending data to the modules "Forum ", "Guestbook "and add comments;
  • # 3029 # c4 in release corrected an incorrect reference to the appearance of comments to the album;
  • # 3715 Fixed the lack of display album of pictures when viewing lists of some photos;
  • # 3695 module Manage ads:is not considered running certain types of banners on the page, which could lead to re-run;
  • # 3694 Ibid: fixed incorrect collection of statistics on certain types of banners if you count only unique impressions / conversions;

Search and Sitemap

  • # 1104376 Fixed language detection data to generate Sitemaps;

Fixed errors in the group search engine on the site and tags. To eliminate the need to produce a manual re-index the site after the upgrade.

  • # 3711 Fixed indexing static pages for search, if enabled multi-lingual (requires manual reindexing);
  • # 3640 Fixed indexed to search for modules with the categories in the disabled category (requires manual reindexing);
  • # 3722 in some cases appear in the table doubles search index (requires manual reindexing);

The core of the platform, security

  • # # C8 3684 Fixed incorrect link "last" in some ways display pages;
  • # 3716 Fixed the domain of the variable template __SET_VAR__, now it is available in the IF and in SETVAR;
  • # 3547 function transliterate renamed cms_transliterate for compatibility with noncanonical extension of PHP;
  • # 3620 Fixed wrong subject line when exporting;
  • # 3525 Fixed bug in displaying horizontal separators;
  • # 3535 At Auto-links added to replace slashes to hyphens;
  • # 3587 Add-ins, API: In the object template added to the global template variables from CMS;
  • # 3149 Fixed installation rights superstructures (777);
  • # 3580 Fixed mkdir on recursive in some places;
  • # 3666 Revisions to the security mechanism.

* To activate a new mechanism of spetsblokov on sites located outside the data center Amiro, please contact customer support.

05/05/09 VERSION 5.2.4


  • Added support for libraries Imagick.
  • In the CSV-export orders added ability to include new fields (code, city, address, date of delivery, delivery type, metro, etc.).
  • Added display of custom fields, categories on the search page.
  • "Catalog: Data Exchange: Export Yandex.Market "added the possibility to take into account discounts for export (option "Use a discount for export").
  • New spetsblok "Search / Filter products" List of goods, spetsblok "Search / Filter Knowledge Base" in the catalog knowledge and spetsblok "Search / Filter Portfolio" List portfolio. Spetsbloki have three display modes - a separate filter, a separate search and filter, together with this search:

Application spetsbloka on the main page Internet shop

Settings spetsbloka in administrative panel

Description of the module in the documentation "
  • Added custom templates filter the knowledge base and portfolio.
  • Universalize the process of withdrawing the progress bar when indexing / backups, etc. - Page itself asynchronously asks the current progress on a par with the expectation of loading the current page, thus avoiding the freezing runner progress on some issue hostings.
  • Added a short note to adjust the template spetsbloka.


  • Fixed many minor bugs in the interface editor, and some operations.
  • Fixed attribute tag <script>, выводимого в шапке - name заменен на type и добавлен language="JavaScript".
  • Significantly reduced the generation of some pages (detailed information about a product, etc.) on large volumes of data.
  • Fixed output content 10th block layout in the public part of the site.
  • Increased length possible content for a field product.
  • Fixed permutation NOINDEX quoting the forum on the site.
  • Fixed output of official signatures.
  • Fixed insert FLASH visually, which led to unusable in browsers other than IE. In FireFox visually displayed icon FLASH.
  • In the visual editor on the spot javascript fixed output icons, delete / move which leads to the removal / relocation package JavaScript.
  • Fixed bug with buttons editor, which led to an increase in the editor window when you click on enter.
  • Fixed a bug in the payment system Assist with payment in USD.
  • PayPal and corrected back to the PayPal site.
  • Metadata page display were taken from the main page metadata catalog, now from the metadata defined in the mapping.
  • Fixed inability to search for products by the values of the directory containing the characters "&" "'", etc.
  • Corrected lack of indexing data by adding forum posts.
  • In an email, being formed subscribers to fixed comments: multi-line theme, HTML-tags are replaced by smiles BB-tags, other HTML-tags are removed from messages.
  • Prices: Fixed the lack of paging navigation in the list of goods.
  • "Admin: catalog: Categories: Fixed fatal error when entering the field of additional formulas. prices wrong formulas. Added a message.
  • Optimized detection of the essence of sablinku.
  • Fixed dependency on short php tags.
  • Fixed caching of data localization template.
  • Due to incorrect build rules extensions for the module comparison goods disconnected custom fields.
  • Added htmlentities-coding to content tag name, company when exporting to Yandex.Market.
  • Added check for disk quota for the generation of some images.
  • Fixed unloading some images in Yandex.Market.
  • Error reports: ExtImages.php - Division by zero.
  • Fixed display of disk quotas for backup in Design view.
  • When creating a backup lost meta-information about it, if a site has a lot of directories.
  • Added automatic correction of the database while adding / removing price with the number> 5.
  • Fixed bug when manually updating rates. Upgrading is not happening unless it was time specified for auto-update mode.
  • If the option "Display html-code pop-up menu at the bottom of the page" in some cases not open a submenu the main menu of the website (incorrect work with the auxiliary cache spetsblokom "spec_main_menu_sub").

01/21/09 Version 5.2.3

New Features

Visual Editor:

  • Added the buttons to insert the contents of the clipboard with the persistence of partial or full formatting.
  • FireFox, Safari, Chrome. Added the ability to search / replace for visual editor for the browsers FireFox, Safari, Chrome.
  • Added a new imaged «control» for multiple choice by using the Ctrl key. May be used with or without the Ctrl Key. 
  • Order: added the ability to limit the minimum amount of order.
  • Community: Admin interface: added the ability to search by id, subject, text messages.
  • Comments: Added the ability to turn comments off for individual entries.
  • Metadata of Categories are not changed when importing if appropriate flag is set (previously applied only to Products).
  • New modification in the API for the development of plug-ins (add-ons).
  • Enhanced RSS: added link to the details of the item.


  • Increased the speed of 3-rd level cache operations for partial specbloks regeneration .

Error correction

  • Shopping Cart: in some cases, when you add product to Cart encountered a loop.
  • Feedback: in some cases a status message of the results of sending data doesn't appear.
  • Some errors in the Fast cache.
  • Setting of the current CSS file name for the edited block in the Site Manager.
  • Corrected crossing of elements on the form of creating / editing product.
  • Fixed pasting text from the clipboard in Internet Explorer - added a <br> to the line.
  • Drag'n'drop - fixed inability to click on the page icon in the tree view of pages in the site manager, this previously worked in some browsers.
  • Fixed setting of the CSS file name for the edited layout block in the visual editor.
  • Style for the block is assigned to the body of visual editor that allows you to see the same background, styles, etc., are specified for the layout in the stylesheet.
  • Fixed showing of progress bar (instead of "bending" boot) when importing images, products, etc.
  • Returned the ability to copy the code by right-click of mouse in the visual editor.
  • Forum: Interface Administrator: Resetting the filter now resets the topics. The reference to "All" has been added to the path. 
  • Fixed the buffering in the reindexing process.
  • Subscription: fixed the lack of linguistic variables.
  • Fixed bug when moving the position of group of photos.

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