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We use this area to announce the latest information and news about the work that we are doing on the system.  This is only a small part of the ongoing work we are doing on the system. You can see our progress and read about the latest enhancements that we are doing.

08/18/10 Amiro 5.8.4 - Less SPAM!

In an industry where technology is constantly changing and client needs are continuously expanding Amiro continues to show its commitment to being an industry leading content management system by releasing AmiroCMS 5.8.4. Amiro releases several updates to their system throughout the year. These periodic releases ensure that Amiro customers continue to be presented with cutting edge tools to create and maintain their online presence. Upgrading to the latest version could not be easier. Evolve Systems has already handled that for you. The only action you need to perform is to log into AmiroCMS and create a backup. Click on this link for help creating a backup:

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So much has changed in this latest release that old versions of backups will not work in the new version.

Release Version 5.8.4 now completes the use of ZendOptimizer in the Amiro.CMS server technology and marks the implementation of the new entity "Product Link" for catalogs, which allows you to place products in several sections of the catalog and enhances protection against spam.

Disclaimer: ZendOptimizer

Starting with version 5.8.4.Amiro CMS no longer requires the installation of ZendOptimizer in the server hosting environment. ZendOptimizer not only facilitated the installation of the AmiroCMS "engine", but also made demands on the configuration little bit easier.

It is recommended for dedicated servers to disable its use and, if possible, include existing php-Accelerators that will speed up php-script from 30% to 200%.

"Product Link"

With version 5.8.4 we have published a mechanism for product placement in several categories. This solved the problem by maintaining the current performance of the catalog through the implementation of the scheme of "image-link" instead of demanding multiple relations.

"Physically, when you create a" product-links "is the creation of" virtual copy "of the goods specified in the admin section, which includes all the settings and additional fields of the goods. The copies may have its own unique address (url).

Implementation Details:

Although the products link, and it looks superficially as mere commodities, they are not. If you call the image-link in the editing, it will be possible to change only the product url link, and to aid in the rapid transition to edit of the original product. When editing the original all the changes cascade and apply to all existing copies of the product.

Bug Fixes:

Admin.panel and modules
# 4300: Fixed 404-second title when referring to non-existent pages on multilingual Web sites;
# 4272: Fixed a bug with the generation of a meta description;
# 4216: Fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, it was impossible to log into the admin panel;
# 4358 # c1: Fixed bug when changing the position of the group elements
# 4224: When you add an element to an existing link from another element of the same module corrected generation links the new element (the link was empty);
# 4343 # c4: Fix output in wrong encoding of search results in some cases;
# 4224 # c1: Fixed incorrect affiliation localization files "templates / lang / subscribe.lng", "templates / tree / tree.lng";
# 4224 # c17: The module "Polls" is eliminated in some cases incorrect counting of votes;
# 4224 # c9: Fixed wrong message about the inability to vote for the item "Other" (if someone has already voted with the same value in this paragraph);
# 3820: Fixed interface polls in the admin. panel;
# 4248 # c4: If raspublikatsii first post forum topics, in some cases not raspublikovyvalis other messages topic;
# 4224 # c8: Fixed links to posts in spetsbloke forum;
# 3635: Fixed some errors editing posts in the forum;
# 4224 # c12: Fixed bug notification Administrator boards by e-mail;
# 4224 # c14: Fixed bug in module "Jobs: Job Seekers: while maintaining the field" Summary "and" Advanced "in the fields appeared some tags;
# 4224 # c19: The module queries applicants in some cases it was impossible to send a resume;
# 4224 # c11: When you enable additional expansion. fields for the module seeker could not edit the applicant;

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