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We use this area to announce the latest information and news about the work that we are doing on the system.  This is only a small part of the ongoing work we are doing on the system. You can see our progress and read about the latest enhancements that we are doing.

05/06/10 AmiroCMS 5.8 Fresh, Easy, Intuitive

Amiro.CMS with version 5.8 focuses on the further development of intuitive, deepening the amenities of daily use interface administrative panel of CMS. The code name for the platform of the new interface - Vanilla.

 Vanilla - Vanilla, spice, plant family orchids, 
fragrant pods that go into pastries, liqueurs and chocolate, 
which gives them their characteristic aroma.


Substantially redesigned control panel interface, updated fonts, and redraw the controls, used more bright and contrasting colors, and much more. However, we tried to keep familiar to most site owners and administrators to resources management style. In general, the interface Amiro.CMS bought more fresh, raduyuschee eye "sound".


Dropping support for older versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 6, inclusive.


In terms of technology, interface layout is shown in full conformity with the standard html strict, that is almost unique to RuCMS. As a result, the site administrator Amiro CMS were promptly removed from the risk of inappropriate user systems.


Amiro.CMS Clients can be assured that the interface is subject to the most modern technological requirements, the same looks and works in all modern browsers (and not limited to the support of two of the most common), consumes less resources the customer's PC, faster and more stable. Supports the latest standards allows the system to be prepared including the appearance of new browsers, Web technologies.


In addition, the core of the administrative part of Amiro.CMS added a number of significant technological innovations in order to further the development of a rich interface part of the "engine".




For the convenience of the site and its services significantly expanded flexible setting of adaptive interface administrative panel under the current task.


In the top panel administrator Amiro.CMS made relevant management tools: panel selected, access to the settings of the current module, the templates and localization of the current module, as well as access to a centralized repository of media files on your site. Quick access to these options through a pop-up window will certainly appreciate the developers and integrators sites.


Implement innovative means to consolidate workspace: in any tab of the edit form of static or dynamic content with an opportunity to consolidate the current tab. "The button fastening allows quick access to the browser window all the required fields edit: announcements and additional fields of goods, links and meta-field pages, indexed management and navigation. Location bookmarks stored individually for each user, that brings the system to the possibilities of customizable desktop user desktop applications.



Note that the images, elements in the list, place images, and plug-custom fields on the form of editing, as before, you can specify in the settings of the basic modules Amiro.CMS.


Implemented a new mechanism for handling pop-up windows with visual effects and animation: indicates the source of surfacing windows, auto, scrolling pop-up window and move it into the browser window, etc.


Novice users will appreciate the contextual clues Virtual Assistants work in a particular module Amiro.CMS. Later Assistant learns to give more in-depth tips and advanced users, as well as learn a series of context-sensitive advice and guidance "Did you know that ...", which will further learn the system and explore its hidden potential.



Also, more convenient and informative "unfolding" hints modules are equipped with icons on the main page of admin panel.




Reworked engine visual editor Amiro.CMS.


Added a new unit to insert Gadgets in the list which included the first tools: a convenient means to insert a page of a site popular video repositories RuTube and YouTube . In the setting of these gadgets implemented the ability to customize your player to fit their needs by setting the parameters of their video instead of the preset.


In the menu editor window appears insert special characters of text from selected collection of quotes to the pair of invisible characters such as "blow e tion.


Special attention is given a new development - the editor embedded (inline), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The uniqueness of the editor is that even a novice user can now quickly - in real time - and visually clear to alter the style of the selected object (not only using digital unit keyboard, and mouse wheel to step changes in the numerical values!), while controlling the map as a code style format CSS, and the result of changes in style in the window visual editor. Supported by a reverse algorithm: correcting CSS-code immediately displayed as a visual code editor, and visually content page. Using the new editor would not only abandon the old ways of processing pages (font, bold, size, etc.), but also to create better code styles for the pages of sites, transferring the task of customization, design pages on a more intuitive level.



Company "Amir" is confident that the updated interface is an administrative part of Amiro.CMS help more effectively and conveniently organize the process of creating and maintaining the site, and incorporated in the version 5.8 technological capabilities will serve as a basis for further development of intuitive controls.

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