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We use this area to announce the latest information and news about the work that we are doing on the system.  This is only a small part of the ongoing work we are doing on the system. You can see our progress and read about the latest enhancements that we are doing.

05/05/09 VERSION 5.2.4


  • Added support for libraries Imagick.
  • In the CSV-export orders added ability to include new fields (code, city, address, date of delivery, delivery type, metro, etc.).
  • Added display of custom fields, categories on the search page.
  • "Catalog: Data Exchange: Export Yandex.Market "added the possibility to take into account discounts for export (option "Use a discount for export").
  • New spetsblok "Search / Filter products" List of goods, spetsblok "Search / Filter Knowledge Base" in the catalog knowledge and spetsblok "Search / Filter Portfolio" List portfolio. Spetsbloki have three display modes - a separate filter, a separate search and filter, together with this search:

Application spetsbloka on the main page Internet shop

Settings spetsbloka in administrative panel

Description of the module in the documentation "
  • Added custom templates filter the knowledge base and portfolio.
  • Universalize the process of withdrawing the progress bar when indexing / backups, etc. - Page itself asynchronously asks the current progress on a par with the expectation of loading the current page, thus avoiding the freezing runner progress on some issue hostings.
  • Added a short note to adjust the template spetsbloka.


  • Fixed many minor bugs in the interface editor, and some operations.
  • Fixed attribute tag <script>, выводимого в шапке - name заменен на type и добавлен language="JavaScript".
  • Significantly reduced the generation of some pages (detailed information about a product, etc.) on large volumes of data.
  • Fixed output content 10th block layout in the public part of the site.
  • Increased length possible content for a field product.
  • Fixed permutation NOINDEX quoting the forum on the site.
  • Fixed output of official signatures.
  • Fixed insert FLASH visually, which led to unusable in browsers other than IE. In FireFox visually displayed icon FLASH.
  • In the visual editor on the spot javascript fixed output icons, delete / move which leads to the removal / relocation package JavaScript.
  • Fixed bug with buttons editor, which led to an increase in the editor window when you click on enter.
  • Fixed a bug in the payment system Assist with payment in USD.
  • PayPal and corrected back to the PayPal site.
  • Metadata page display were taken from the main page metadata catalog, now from the metadata defined in the mapping.
  • Fixed inability to search for products by the values of the directory containing the characters "&" "'", etc.
  • Corrected lack of indexing data by adding forum posts.
  • In an email, being formed subscribers to fixed comments: multi-line theme, HTML-tags are replaced by smiles BB-tags, other HTML-tags are removed from messages.
  • Prices: Fixed the lack of paging navigation in the list of goods.
  • "Admin: catalog: Categories: Fixed fatal error when entering the field of additional formulas. prices wrong formulas. Added a message.
  • Optimized detection of the essence of sablinku.
  • Fixed dependency on short php tags.
  • Fixed caching of data localization template.
  • Due to incorrect build rules extensions for the module comparison goods disconnected custom fields.
  • Added htmlentities-coding to content tag name, company when exporting to Yandex.Market.
  • Added check for disk quota for the generation of some images.
  • Fixed unloading some images in Yandex.Market.
  • Error reports: ExtImages.php - Division by zero.
  • Fixed display of disk quotas for backup in Design view.
  • When creating a backup lost meta-information about it, if a site has a lot of directories.
  • Added automatic correction of the database while adding / removing price with the number> 5.
  • Fixed bug when manually updating rates. Upgrading is not happening unless it was time specified for auto-update mode.
  • If the option "Display html-code pop-up menu at the bottom of the page" in some cases not open a submenu the main menu of the website (incorrect work with the auxiliary cache spetsblokom "spec_main_menu_sub").

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