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We use this area to announce the latest information and news about the work that we are doing on the system.  This is only a small part of the ongoing work we are doing on the system. You can see our progress and read about the latest enhancements that we are doing.

09/06/09 Version 5.4


Since version 5.4 Amiro.CMS no longer supports PHP4. In order to be able to use Amiro.CMS latest version, you must first update to PHP 5.2 and higher.



  • Optimizing and Refactoring platform due to a total abandonment of support for PHP4 and MySQL4.0;
  • Optimizing the settings platforms, saving memory web server;
  • Optimizing JavaScript functionality. Faster loading interface CMS;
  • Further expansion of the functional cache CMS. The average likelihood of a quick hit in the cache system increased from 65-80% to 90-95% depending on the particular site. The marked acceleration in the loaded web sites with frequently used spetsblokami "User Menu" and "Trash" * . Facilitated the regime of accumulation of data cache, a full reset the cache does not lead to a sustained fall proizvoditelnosti.Uvelichena performance site and the average consumption of the memory of the web server.


  • The new module "Localizations" for configuration management multilingual sites;

  • # 3689 introduced a new popup window asking for action (expanded confirm), which is used in the beginning of the process of updating CMS;
  • NOTE: Driver pay RuPAY removed in connection with the termination of support from the manufacturer and replacement algorithms. Despite the persistence of accounts RBK Money, these payment systems differ. For the work should go into account settings at RBC Money and install all the required data. As an option "Notification of payment" should indicate the address "http://adres_sayta/eshop_final.php. It is also necessary to enable and configure the new driver RBK Money in Amiro.CMS;
  • # 3557 Ability to store the prices of goods in different currencies;
  • # 3514 Added support for personal discounts for buyers of e-shop;
  • # 3684 # c13 in displaying product catalog variables appended to the announcement and description display (view_announce, view_description);
  • # 3612 Added display information about the weight and size cart and online store for a form of order confirmation, in the printed version of the order, the module order history, on the editing form of order in the control panel site, as well as printed versions of the order;
  • In the Editor pane content modules added to the mechanism prompts when adding tags;

  • # 2092 Better protection from SPAM;
  • # 3653 Added ability to disable the snap session to the ip-address;
  • Added settings to control the duration of sessions;
  • # 3602 implemented a two-level user authorization. To a set list of actions on the site appeared to require re-authorization. Action List is selected in the setting "Require a brief session for" module "System:: Session". The list of available Action: 'View order history "," Checkout "," Edit Personal Information "," Tracking the forum "," Adding Product users ";
  • # 3703 Added automatic authorization after entering the confirmation code user registration;
  • # 3596 In the superstructure "SAPE" parameter "ID participant in the program SAPE" moved from the configuration file to configure spetsbloka superstructure;
  • # 3683 New option sort items on the results page query "Tags"by date of modification of the element;
  • # 2824 greatly accelerated search module Design:: Sites.



  • # 3611 Fixed Filter "Just published" in the administration panel for the module "Stickers";
  • # 3610 Fixed the reset of the filter in the admin panel for the element selectbox;
  • # 3691 Fixed the substitution URL in the editor module "Subscriptions ";
  • # 3692 Fixed nekkorektnoe attach pictures when sending mailings;
  • # 3658 Fixed variables in the template notice of registration;
  • # 3676 Fixed the ability to choose the date in the system administrator for more. fields of type "date";
  • # 3684 # c4 add commented out non-existent status messages in the module "Job:: Resume" when sending notifications;
  • # 3697 Fixed duplicate showing interest in the progress window restore from backup, tags, Sitemap;
  • # 3696 Put the minimum and maximum size for the popup html-windows;
  • # 3724 Fixed removal of the layout, if the list of models open in pop-up window in the "site manager";
  • # 3534 Not raspublikovanie home page in group operations in the "site manager";
  • # 3575 The bug, which has been established in the field by changing extra. field of any type to type "set of flags;


  • # 3577 Fixed error when generating some images for the directory;
  • # 3615 Fixed incorrect notification in the basket on the absence of some images of goods (eshop, cart, images, notifications);
  • # 3592 Fixed a bug in the filter display folder "Only with photos;
  • # 3643 Fixed Ignore checkbox "Publish" when you create categories in the catalog;
  • # 3727 Fixed bug in module "Directories" knowledge base and portfolio. In some cases, impossible to create a page in the site manager with a given type, and add data to the directory itself;
  • # 3684 # c6 Fixed: If the module directories switch to catalog the field (search directory) that is common, the search is always going to the main categories, rather than what is specified in the configuration "Product Category";
  • # 3642 Fixed: when you copy items, unset (null) prices of goods in the goods-copies are zero;
  • # 3698 Fixed adding subspecies in browsers other than IE. The problem manifested itself only with text fields - not the directory;
  • Corrections in the module "Currencies" :value exchange rate stored in the database without rounding, resulting in errors in the calculation of prices;
  • # 3499 When editing a category of fixed JavaScript, which cheat additional costs on the basis of previously imposed;
  • # 3584 Fixed fatal error in the appointment of a price formula category;
  • # # C9 3684 Fixed the lack of properties of the product in the list of goods attached;
  • # 3720 Fixed incorrect work spetsbloka ties in the mode of categories;
  • # 3636 Fixed the group operation for removal / installation of a special product in popup-window "more" if the special features more than one;
  • # 3613 Fixed empty lists in the module categories of coupons discounts
  • # 3548 Fixed cut client JavaScript from descriptions of goods for export to Yandex.Market;
  • # 3595 Fixed bug in generation id_external for export;
  • # 1150656 Fixed bug with zeroed prices at import unloading changes from 1C;
  • # 3669 Fixed incorrect generation of metadata for new products at an accelerated imports. Optimized generation of metadata and search hashes when importing in the "Delete all not modified products;
  • # 3701 Fixed wrong CVS-import two additional. fields, linking to the directory;
  • # # C15 3684 Fixed fatal error when exporting data catalog and off expanding images;
  • # 3702 Fixed the destruction of the category links with accelerated CVS-import from a file does not contain information on the category name;
  • # 3568 Fixed neobrabotka parameter "fill in the blank description announcement for categorical modules and catalog categories of goods in some cases;

Content and service modules

  • # 3662 Fixed an erroneous reference spetsbloka photo album with multiple-display mode (always referred to the first page of type "Photo Album");
  • # 3717 in the message editor and forum fix a mechanism for replacement tags. Inside the CODE tag replacement is not made;
  • # 3652 When you edit your post off checking on the frequency of sending data to the modules "Forum ", "Guestbook "and add comments;
  • # 3029 # c4 in release corrected an incorrect reference to the appearance of comments to the album;
  • # 3715 Fixed the lack of display album of pictures when viewing lists of some photos;
  • # 3695 module Manage ads:is not considered running certain types of banners on the page, which could lead to re-run;
  • # 3694 Ibid: fixed incorrect collection of statistics on certain types of banners if you count only unique impressions / conversions;

Search and Sitemap

  • # 1104376 Fixed language detection data to generate Sitemaps;

Fixed errors in the group search engine on the site and tags. To eliminate the need to produce a manual re-index the site after the upgrade.

  • # 3711 Fixed indexing static pages for search, if enabled multi-lingual (requires manual reindexing);
  • # 3640 Fixed indexed to search for modules with the categories in the disabled category (requires manual reindexing);
  • # 3722 in some cases appear in the table doubles search index (requires manual reindexing);

The core of the platform, security

  • # # C8 3684 Fixed incorrect link "last" in some ways display pages;
  • # 3716 Fixed the domain of the variable template __SET_VAR__, now it is available in the IF and in SETVAR;
  • # 3547 function transliterate renamed cms_transliterate for compatibility with noncanonical extension of PHP;
  • # 3620 Fixed wrong subject line when exporting;
  • # 3525 Fixed bug in displaying horizontal separators;
  • # 3535 At Auto-links added to replace slashes to hyphens;
  • # 3587 Add-ins, API: In the object template added to the global template variables from CMS;
  • # 3149 Fixed installation rights superstructures (777);
  • # 3580 Fixed mkdir on recursive in some places;
  • # 3666 Revisions to the security mechanism.

* To activate a new mechanism of spetsblokov on sites located outside the data center Amiro, please contact customer support.

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