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Amiro.CMS Updates

We use this area to announce the latest information and news about the work that we are doing on the system.  This is only a small part of the ongoing work we are doing on the system. You can see our progress and read about the latest enhancements that we are doing.

12/07/09 Version 5.4.4

CAUTION Since version 5.4.4 data Amiro.CMS stored in UTF-8

When you upgrade to version 5.4.4 platform independent system converts all the data, templates and scripts:

  1. System templates and language files on your hard drive (converted at the time of first use the templates from the disk, so it is recommended before upgrading to flood all working patterns in the database);
  2. Templates and language files in the folder _local / plugins_distr;
  3. In the folder _js /, as well as in each js file is replaced by the function escape encodeURIComponent, unescape on decodeURIComponent;
  4. All unencrypted php files in a folder _local /, including plug-ins.

Update does not affect the php files in the root or any other folder created by the user.

Recommendations for further work with the system:

  1. In the JavaScript code should be avoided functions escape and unescape, instead use encodeURIComponent and decodeURIComponent;
  2. When you install any third-party counters, informers, widgets, etc. Returns the encoding of the text must be UTF-8;
  3. Each php file, which is run separately from the platform should begin with mb_internal_encoding ('UTF-8') and should not contain text in the encoding other than UTF-8;
  4. When accessing the database Amiro.CMS out of the platform set UTF-8: "set names utf8".

How do I put PHP files from the root or any arbitrary folder on the UTF:

  1. Open in Notepad file php, click Save As ", choose UTF-8, remove the check mark from the mark" BOM ", save the file;
  2. Add to the beginning of PHP file after the opening tag of PHP: "mb_internal_encoding ('UTF-8');".
Learn more about the advantages of UTF-8.

Please note that updates users Amiro.CMS first receive previous minor update 5.4.3, a release that was announced separately. After that, we must once again upgrade to version 5.4.4.


  • # 2214. code, templates and database Amiro.CMS translated to UTF-8.
  • # 4022 # c13. In warning of license expiration date added tooltips and links to sites (amiro.ru, amirocms.com);
  • # 4022 # C6. SEO. If the site is multilingual and the kernel parameter "Automatic language identification browser client is disabled, then when accessing the root of the site (without postfix localization) to go to a page with postfix localization now, instead of" 200 OK "returns" 301 Moved Permanently ".
  • # 3901 # c3. admin interface. In the feedback module added to the group operation delete.
  • # 3969 # c8. admin interface. If you create a catalog of goods or properties of an extra field plug-in filter is selected a set of properties / fields, then you are creating properties / fields set from the filter automatically marked selected.
  • # 3969 # c7. admin interface. Added search by product code (sku) and the identifier for data in the catalog of products.
  • # 3984. in sets spetsblokov announced products catalog, knowledge base elements and projects added to the portfolio feature of the attachment element.
  • # 3961. "Yandex import now imports the external images.
  • # 3984. spetsblokov directory in order to set small_special_row variable added feature urgent.


  • # 3972. Optimized runtime code has not been cached page (reduced time ~ 5%).
  • # 3969 # c3. From the data delete obsolete backups option modules.


  • # 4022 # c15. Fixed Downtime design template of the form # # setglobalvar @ var = (var1 !="")? var1: var2 # # (a problem because of the character ":"), broken in 5.4.2 version.
  • # 4022 # c12. Fixed a fatal error when trying to create a discount from the module catalog categories of goods.
  • # 4022 # c9. Fixed inability to view user profiles with enhanced "Additional fields".
  • # 4022 # c8. Fixed inability to completely disable the expansion module (due to # 3960, see below).
  • # 4022 # C7. SEO. HTTP-zakolovok "302 Found" changed to "301 Moved permanently" when attempting without authorization to perform an action that requires user authentication.
  • # 4022 # c3. Fixed incorrect behavior of the counters in the categories of goods after accelerated import in the "Do not change the metadata in updating products and categories.
  • # 4022 # c2. Cpetsbloki directories: fixed output on multilingual sites.
  • # 4022.Fixed incorrect sorting by position in existing products after accelerated imports.
  • # 4022 # c1. For spetsblokov announced portfolio and projects can not reset the cache when changing specials. signs.
  • # 4022 # c10. In some cases, did not work spetsblok vacancies and summaries (due to an error in the SQL query).
  • # 3969 # c9. Added quotes to the value in the template custom_shipping_metro_stations_moscow.tpl
  • # 3960. If you change the list of extensions in the parameters of modules with incomplete administrator rights does not turn off the expansion, which the administrator have no rights.
  • # 3969 # c4. Front-office site. Fixed a rare inability to play back the session, authorized visitors.
  • # 3969 # c1. Administrator interface. "Catalog:: Community" - fixed no date of registration of the user.
  • # 3969. Downtime Fixed "OK" button in the admin interface module "Service:: Community".
  • # 3969 # c5. Depressed output errors when reading broken file IMG_DrvMagickWand.php.
  • # 3969 # c6. Added display options embedded elements for modules "Knowledge Base:: Announcement of elements", "Portfolio:: Announcement of projects.
  • # 3618 # c5. Now in the field images when exporting goods to CSV is only transmitted image file name.
  • # 3969 # c10. Fixed JavaScript error in pop-up window, group operations, which leads to inability to submit the form, if there is only one group operation.
  • # 4015 # c1. Fixed security.

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