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We use this area to announce the latest information and news about the work that we are doing on the system.  This is only a small part of the ongoing work we are doing on the system. You can see our progress and read about the latest enhancements that we are doing.

05/06/10 Version 5.8


  • # 4097: Completely redesigned interface admin panel, which includes: a new skin Vanilla, strict-layout, dockable tab editor, visual effects and animation for pop-up windows, etc.;
  • # 4170: In the visual editor added a block insert special text characters;
  • In the visual editor, visual editor, added inline styles (CSS);
  • # 4177: In the visual editor added a block insertion gadgets (RuTube, YouTube);
  • # 3761: Implemented the selection buttons alignment, if it is present for an element in the visual editor;
  • # 4154: Added ability to specify the name of order in the linguistic variable;
  • # 4203: In the feedback module by default added field "Date of birth.


  • # 3793: Testing the conflict elements of multi-link modules is simplified to the verification of one-ins.


  • # 4217: Fixed the lack of transmission of the current layout by clicking on links on the page comparison of the goods;
  • # 4186 # c8: Fixed wrong call EventApplyVars ($ frn, "body_order_list", $ orderItem); when issuing a list of customer orders at the front of the site;
  • # 4186 # c7: Fixed inability to send data using POST module is positioned on the main page;
  • # 4186 # c6: Fixed the lack of issuance of 404 second title when referring to non-existent on the forum;
  • # 4193: In the admin interface module catalog:: Data exchange "resolved accessibility tab Settings Wizard" in the selection of imported data, or customer orders;
  • # 4186 # c4: Fixed incorrect counting of votes in several polls for the authorized version of the answer "Other";
  • # 4186 # c3: Fixed inability to change the category when editing an item when the expansion of additional fields;
  • # 4084: Fix incorrect channel selected in the filter directory flags in the transition to the subsequent search results pages;
  • # 4186 # c1: rule "subitems_cols" ("Number of columns for a list of subordinate elements") categorical modules added restriction on the minimum value (1);
  • # 4186: Opening of the site configuration manager module which has no settings, fixed a fatal error;
  • # 4162: Fix driver WebMoney to work with UTF-8;
  • # 4016: Fixed language in the letter of confirmation of payment;
  • # 4186 # c5: Fixed bug in calculation of tax in certain situations;
  • # 4155: Fixed some bugs in the English localization;
  • # 4190: Added an option to max_upload_size eshop for digital products;
  • # 4198: Lots of small fixes in the admin templates;
  • # 4097.5: Fixed div, which covers the work area at the time of uploading content - automatically close pop-up windows and the reaction to resize;
  • # 4097.9: Fixed bug in the popup editing color;
  • # 3942: Changing the logic of the visual editor in terms of exhibiting attributes: alignment is now defined styles;
  • # 4030: Fixed display of flags pop-up file creation for digital goods;
  • # 3766: Fixed problem in IE when adding article - created with empty trailers.

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