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AMIRO.CMS Provides a Complete Website Solution for Webmasters and Hosting Providers
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Complete Website Building Solution
for Webmasters and Hosting Providers
Amiro.CMS Technology
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System Overview

Amiro.CMS was created as a result of continuous international development effort of Russian and American IT professionals who have worked together on the product since 2001. Amiro.CMS is a current and universal platform that allows for easy deployment, further maintenance, and continuous upgrading for websites with different complexity and structure levels. Amiro.CMS includes all available tools required for effective and efficient production of tomorrow's business website.

Convenient Management

Amiro.CMS provides an extensive level of convenience during website deployment and maintenance. Only with Amiro.CMS is there no need to call a professional developer. All work on the website work can be done by a user with general computer experience. There is no need for HTML or other web development skills or knowledge! A user-friendly and logically designed user interface eliminates any need to involve costly web developers.

Productivity and Modern Design

Amiro.CMS is a true sample of 21st century system development. All possible needs that currently exist and those that will be in demand in the near future were examined and taken into account. Excluding enterprise level multi-structural website with a price tag of hundreds of thousands dollars, you can be assured that websites using Amiro.CMS technology can be called upon all challenges of modern business environment. Take a note: system development NEVER STOPS! We constantly add new features and functionality which gets poured into all existing and new license accounts in most cases FREE or at a very low price. We continually strive to keep Amiro.CMS as tomorrow's content management system.

Maximum Reliability

Sites developed on Amiro.CMS technology never get "frozen." As a web developer, be assured that you will never lose a customer due to "internal website problems." Unlike other CMS developments, Amiro.CMS was not created by a storm of popularity. Reliability and security were present in the system core since the beginning.


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