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AMIRO.CMS Provides a Complete Website Solution for Webmasters and Hosting Providers
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Complete Website Building Solution
for Webmasters and Hosting Providers
Amiro.CMS Technology
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Amiro.CMS Technology

Despite a large number of content management solutions offered worldwide, there are not many systems that are both functional and cost-efficient.

The following benefits are offered with every Amiro.CMS license:

  1. Functionality and efficiency. The system can accomplish up to 90% of standard requirements without any additional development. This number has been confirmed by a number of successful installations.
  2. Speed and simplicity of system integration. With graphic design in place, the system can be up and running within 72 hours!
  3. System flexibility. The administrator interface controls all front-end changes that impact the overall visual presentation of the website.
  4. Simple and user-friendly content management interface. Working on a website with Amiro.CMS is easy for EVERYONE! Simply select your actions (e.g. add, delete, edit, etc.) and it's all done! There are several features and visual editing tools. The first version of the system was developed in 2001, so we have been making content management systems for awhile.
  5. Detailed user manuals and support. We have developed documentation and manuals for both end-users and resellers to maximize product value. You may also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. You will never be left alone.
  6. Vast opportunities for further project development. Each system package has additional capabilities that can be added based on project requirements. Upgrading is a seamless transition from one license type to another.
  7. System design integration can be done by a web designer. No need for a professional web developer to setup the system. Web development companies and hosting providers can save thousands in hourly rates by hiring entry-level web designers instead of experienced professionals. Almost all system setup is done through web interfaces, with only small part designated to template integration.
  8. Maximum capacity for Search Engine Optimization. The system AUTOMATICALLY generates effective links, titles, headers, descriptions and keywords using a flexible SEO formula. Forget to setup a page header? No worries, Amiro.CMS will do it for you automatically.
  9. Powerful E-Commerce engine! The Amiro.Store allows you to effectively organize goods/products, tune up complex searches and filters, setup various pricing types, multi currency support, discounts, shipping, taxes, and automatic picture resizing! Most of Amiro.Store setup is done through web interface. Coming Soon.
  10. Complete data exchange with external software applications, including Quick Books! Amiro.Store supports the import/export of all book keeping entries (e.g. products, orders, customers, inventory, prices, etc.) in all popular formats. You can also import/export only updates, saving time and resources.
  11. Easily connect with any external module or script! If you do not see the functional feature you need for your project in Amiro.CMS, you can simply add it through the web-interface and use it on your website.
  12. Caching and productivity. Amiro.CMS supports large data exchange loads without losing its productivity and speed. Intellectual cache allows significantly reduced web-server workloads with hundreds and even thousands of websites at the same time! (For specific projects requiring large graphic and system resources additional server capacity might be required).
  13. System development and upgrades. When purchasing Amiro.CMS, you can be assured of obtaining a current and constantly upgraded product. Each upgrade is generated by a simple button push from the web-interface.

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