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Amiro.CMS makes website creation very simple. Now anyone who has basic personal computer skills can create a working, informative website. However, no system or technology base will make a website fully effective by itself. Amiro.CMS can only provide a tool for its clients. Making it work properly is the clients' responsibility, but Amiro.CMS provides all the help that the client needs. This analytics section is created to help customers with all of the questions and concerns they might have, and so advice on the creation and maintenance of the website can be here.

Creation of E-commerce Store (e-Store): SEO Aspects

Revenues from fully functional e-Stores are now quite compatible with the off-line stores, and in some cases even higher. e-Stores are easier to operate: they do not require physical location or many workers. e-Stores can function without breaks or days off, and accept payments in forms convenient to the buyer. Finally, only e-Stores provide an ability to sell unique products that are impractical to sell in a regular store (for example, electronic texts or software distributed on-line). However, no store is going to generate significant income if nobody knows about it. The lowest prices, variety of products and types of payments, free-of-charge delivery — all this will be useless if nobody knows about your store. For this reason, search optimization and source preparation for an effective interaction with search engines plays an important role for e-Store. Large numbers of potential clients are trying to find daily information about products of interest. For this purpose, they use search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, and Google. Properly set up optimization helps e-Store to reach high rankings on search delivery pages, consequently helping to attract interested users.

Successful e-Store

So, how can you build a powerful e-Store? There are some basic principles that developers should consider during e-Store development:

At first, all e-Store pages should be nicely organized and product names fully descriptive. Search engines, while creating the website allocation list, pay close attention to the address. Setting the product name into the page name on the browser’s top, can have a big influence on a search result. Obviously pages should have correct names (e.g. by search inquiry “CMS” the page cms.html with other things being equal as a results of search will settle down above, than the page with address line =? s4646-dfsdfs.html). These things are important to consider. It is important to remember the address of the page in which the actual names of products or services are mentioned; essentially, it is easier than senseless gibberish.

Second, during the e-Store build, you should pay attention to meta-descriptions (meta-tags) and headines. Meta-tags represent one of the basic means of influence on search engines. All search engines practically consider the tag “Title” in which the heading of page registers. Its competent registration (inclusion of the search words in structure mentioned on the page) gives a site strong support in struggle for high positions in search rankings. The tag is used by some search engines for the description of site content (text which you read on page after search results), the tag "keywords" contains main keywords. It is certainly impractical to ignore any of the above-stated tags.

It is necessary to organize competent processing of codes of absent pages, meaning to achieve absence of garbage in the e-Store. It's also important to exclude probability of readdressing on the removed pages; otherwise, the user can end up from your electronic store on deserted “Page is not found” screen. He/she will probably not going to visit again such an unfriendly spot. Besides, when there is no right code processing of the absent page, there will be dead references in the bases of search machines. It will lead to the decrease of the page relevance on a website. Moreover, the whole website can be looked at as just a catalog, full of garbage references. This may lead to the removal of the website from a search base.

e-Store content management system should have the convenient interface for work with structures and accentuations of the tags (that is tags "h1" - "h6", "strong" and "b", the text which located between them and considered at ranging results of delivery). Besides, it should give an opportunity to generate text descriptions of the products. Otherwise, the web master will have to type all texts manually. Correctly created system allows to use effectively all available product information as much as possible (the name, the manufacturer, a category, other properties) and automatically to generate the most effective tags. 

Do you have the best shopping cart?

In order to make sure that the content management system of e-Store matches the basic requirements necessary for software products of a similar sort, just check it on availability of all functions described above. It’s great when CMS matches those requirements; the content control system that you purchased will help you to begin and support effective electronic business. In the same case, if there is no consistency, it is meaningful to replace content management system of your e-Store with more efficient software product.

Certainly, you do not know if the system that you select has all the necessary criteria that will fully satisfy your needs; especially, when all developers assure you, that their development is the standard of quality. In reality, it is often found, that the product has only few criteria that fully matches all standards, and other criteria is completely ignored. It is highly inconvenient and time consuming to check the product through errors and trials. It is also very unprofitable and an ineffective method.

The best and easiest way to get out of this situation is to rely on the opinion of a serious company that professionally engaged in testing the content management systems. It is obvious that the opinion of such company should be significant and trustworthy to buyers.

So, where can you find the experts, whose recommendations will be reliable? First, you need to check if the company has good track record that proves their reliability. Secondly, many serious companies provide you with free demos and product trials, where you can test the system before purchasing it.


If you have decided to get e-Store content management system or to replace existing one, we recommend to you to take a look on system development of AmiroCMS. This system provides all necessary tools for the organization of optimized and successful e-Store.

Websites created on Amiro.CMS always have adequate and consistent page addresses (for example, www.site.com/cms.html or www.site.com/site creation.html).

The system users receive the expanded creative abilities with meta-descriptions and headers, among which:

  • Function of the placement of meta-descriptions and headings for all website pages
  • Function of manual placement of meta-descriptions and headings on a template ( this is the best choice for e-Store)
  • Function of the placement of meta-descriptions and headings in an automatic mode, using names of sections and features of page text fill

The system does not touch the meta-tags that were manually created by the user, and generates them only if they are not set or erased. This way, you don’t have to worry about the safety of already made headings.

Amiro.CMS provides all necessary functions for correct construction of absent pages coding. It offers the convenient interface for work with structural and accentuation tags. It performs the procedure of generation of product text-descriptions on the set template. It allows the e-Store owner to optimize the websites, containing any number of pages, under search systems in an automatic order.

Amiro.CMS provides all necessary features for management optimization of internal reference structure of the website:

  • Navigation with the indication of parental and affiliated sections
  • Generation of a sitemap
  • Alternative displays of the product catalog


Amiro.CMS performs the necessary steps for reliable optimization of your e-Store. It prevents you from having to perform routine operations and automatically optimizes for the best results in the search engines. The system adjusts all work algorithms to provide flexibility making Amiro.CMS one of the most effective tools for the creation of successful and profitable e-Stores.

The investments that you made in order to purchase a content management system will pay-off in short time; however, if you will try to save money on the product, there’s a high possibility of you not succeeding and loosing more money and time.

When you buy content management system for your e-Store, you invest into the future of your business. It is a difficult decision. Hopefully you will make a right choice, and decide in favor of Amiro.CMS.

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