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11 Reasons for Website Optimization Failure

A technology platform for the management of your website is a very important choice that you will have to make, especially if you want to actively promote it.

Unfortunately, not all search optimization projects on a website have a successful ending. Not all websites achieve high visibility in search systems, and consequently do not generate an increase in sales.

Any company professionally engaged in promotion has had some unsuccessful projects in its history. These projects did not reach success for several reasons that had nothing to do with company’s lack of professionalism.

In this article, I will try to explain the reasons that may cause unsuccessful site optimization.

Reason #1 - Technical support of the client’s website:

Any changes on a website (from change of structure to adjustment of a server) are usually carried out by client's technical support. If technical support is insufficiently qualified, there can be vital issues with promotion of a website in search engines, leading to a full failure of the project.

Conclusion: The client’s support should be competent and precisely execute recommendations of optimization experts.

Reason #2 - Bad communications with the client:

If the client asks to lead a complex of works of website optimization, and at the same time doesn’t understand that he/she should be constantly in contact with an engineer of the given task and listen to his/her advices, then all sense of work is lost.

Even in advertising, the client should be constantly in contact with the website engineer.

Conclusion: The client and the website engineer should be communicating, using the same language, so to prevent any misunderstandings.

Reason #3 - Disregards of the promotion experts’ recommendations:

Good website promotion experts are focused not only on achievement of notorious "Top-10" search systems that all clients dream about. They are focused, first, on the sales growth of the client. This means that they work on the detailed analysis of the website's quality and the analysis of client's business. Detailed recommendations are made during this process and it is necessary to read and to listen to them.

Some clients think that their websites are the best and any recommendations are not necessary. On recommendations’ performance depends an intermediate parameter - growth of website's visibility in search systems, and a final parameter - growth of a break-even sales level. When recommendations either are not carried out at all or carried out for 20-30 percent, it leads to a complete failure of the project.


  • The client should listen to expert recommendations
  • In case of disagreement with given recommendations, the client should discuss the alternative way with an expert
  • Expert recommendations should be executed

Reason #4 - Poor-quality hosting:

Clients face problems with the hosting very rarely; however, they can happen.

In the mean time, hosting is a critical link in the success of the optimization projects because normal indexation of the website by search system depends on website’s availability. If a website does not work even for a couple of hours, search systems can clean it from the DB, as a consequence, the result will be zero or unstable.

The website should be available 100% of the time. Luckily, there are many reasonably qualitative and inexpensive hosting-providers, capable to provide website working capacity at all times.

Conclusion: It is necessary to have a website on the good-quality hosting.

Reason #5 - Client’s slowness:

During work process of website promotion in search systems, constant exchange of information between the client and the website engineer needs to take place. If the information exchange and communication are too slow, then the deadline for project completion is not met and website engineer looses his/her motivation.

Conclusion: Recommendations should be worked on immediately, and both, the website engineer and the client should communicate all the time.

Reason #6 - Lack of client’s preparation:

Very often, the client is not fully prepared for specificity of the service on website promotion in search systems. It is not a client’s fault, but problem of the companies, that provide website promotion services. It is necessary to prepare the client for a service, and it is company’s responsibility to do it. Even before the contract is signed, it is necessary to give a client maximum information about the service and answer all the questions that are connected to the service.

If the client comes to the company with his/her own understanding of search optimization (which is probably going to be incorrect), and the company takes the project on optimization without trying to explain anything to the client, more than likely the problems that may lead to project failure will occur.


  • It is necessary to explain the client how website optimization services work and answer all the questions that he/she might have,
  • Sales Mangers should be trained to work with clients. It is useful to the company that specializes on website search promotion to have: management of the given service, a portfolio of projects, and clients’ responses.

Reason #7 - Losses of the website’s clients:

Even the website that is well presented in the search systems and is visited by the target audience may have very little sales or no sales at all. This happens for many different reasons. One of the critical reasons is- bad processing of references from the website.

If manager, who is talking on the phone with the website’s client, is not able to properly consult this person about his/her question, the company can forget about the sales growth. If e-mail or feedback inquires are not processed operatively, or not processed at all, sales growth should not be expected. Unfortunately, this kind of situation happens on many websites.


  • The actions directed on improvement of service provided to website visitors should be included into works structure,
  • The client should understand, if the visitor of his/her website will not be served quickly and professionally, any growth of incomes will not happen.

Reason #8 - The unreal goals, terms, and guarantees:

The promotion project can fail if the set terms are too short, goals are too high, and guarantee is impossible to accomplish. The minimal term of the website’s promotion can’t be less than three months. The website’s appearance on 100% of inquires and in “top-10” in all search systems is practically impossible, because search systems’ work is unstable. For the same reason, it is also impossible to guarantee exact places. Website engineer needs to warn the client in advance about different subtleties that have to do with goals, terms, and guarantees.


  • During negotiations, possible terms, guarantees, and goals should be coordinated with the client,
  • The client should understand what you can and can’t do during the optimization process.

Reason #9 - The project cost more money than its budget:

It is impossible to pay $200, and appear at the top in search systems. The client’s desire to pay as little as possible is understandable; however, it is not the time to be greedy. Projects should match the goals, that client is seeking.

If the client expects from the website builder, that the builder will move his website in the “top 10” in the search systems for $200, and builder will agree to that, the website will fail.


  • Project should be paid for, according to its difficulty.
  • Well-done promotion of the website in the search systems can’t cost $200. Depending on the client’s paying abilities and project difficulty, the well-done execution of the project may cost him/her hundreds or few thousand dollars.

Reason #10 - Actions of Search Systems:

Search systems constantly change algorithms of documents’ delivery. It is not a constant “optimization war” or attempts of search systems’ owners to improve quality of the search. If the purpose of the search promotion is only to move into “top 10” by few key words, than the project will fail due to constant change of algorithms.

If besides getting into “top 10”, the client has other purposes, a greater amount of work with the website is involved ( for example: usability, content, html-code, etc.). This kind of website is less dependent of the search systems’ actions. Websites that are understandable and informative to the visitors will always sell and be interesting.


  • Search systems can destroy all the effort of the websites’ output in the “top 10”.
  • If you are going to care not only about being in the “top 10”, and approach a website’s promotion in complex, than the actions of the search systems will not have such a huge influence on the final result.

Reason #11 - Making changes on the website without discussing it with promotion experts:

While working on the website’s promotion in the search systems, any changes on the website are critical, for example, changes in text and structure, html-code, and server adjustments.

It often happens that the client makes changes on the website without discussing it with the experts. This leads to serious consequences: loss of the websites position in the search systems and removal of the website from a DB of search systems.

In spite of the fact, that the website’s optimization experts regularly monitor the website’s condition, it is often impossible, to keep track of all the changes that the client might make without discussing it with the expert.


  • For achievement of good results, all changes performed on the website, need to be discussed with the promotion experts,
  • Necessity of such discussion with an expert needs to be explained to the client.


The success of promotion of any website depends on the company that provides such services, and on the client’s understanding of the specific character of the service.

Even if the company provides super-professionals for the website promotion, but the client does not understand the way everything works, this project will fail.

Many times, the client has very little or his own idea about how the website’s promotion works. His ideas are usually slightly or completely differ from reality. Company’s experts need to explain to the client all the specific things, he/she needs to know about the given service through consultations, presentations, and other information materials (portfolios, responses, etc).

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